Commercial Automatic Pivot Doors

Our commercial automated pivot doors are typically used as entrances to buildings with high traffic flow such as reception areas to schools, offices and public buildings. Their pivoted 90º opening action is ideally suited for narrow lobby areas.

The automation of the doors can be controlled in a variety of ways including but not limited to:

–  infrared movement detectors
–  video and voice communication release button from reception
–  timer controls
–  standard push open buttons
–  remote electric release locking system


The doors are a bespoke product and can be adapted depending on the application desired. A wide choice of handles are also available.

Commercial pivot doors are internally beaded for security and can be alarmed. With slim sight lines, these high performance doors are aesthetically pleasing and require the minimum of maintenance.

They are supplied in white as standard but can be powder coated in any standard RAL colour to meet your specific requirements. High energy efficiency sealed glass units are available in a large number of styles and can be tailored to your needs.

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100mm x 45mm depth door system

Thermally broken with polyamide or standard commercial aluminium

Intermally and externally beaded

Multiple brush seals ensure excellent weather tightness

Heavy duty commercial applications ie schools, shops, public buildings etc

Low ramped threshold for easy wheelchair access


Door Options (specify at time of order):

Door handles – Supplied as standard with hook lock and double pad handle.

A commercial door system is designed to be very versatile with the different locking and handle arrangements available due to its design. These can be discussed at time of order.

White as standard, large range of RAL colours and finishes available


Other options available


Secure by design

High performance and durability

Low maintenance

Slim sight lines for aesthetic look

Bespoke design

Thermally efficient

Low ramped threshold for easy wheelchair access


All of our aluminium doors and windows are supplied finished in white as standard. Window and door frames as well as infill panels can be optionally supplied to an exact colour specification to match your branding, building colour scheme or architectural design.

We use the internationally recognised RAL colour system which provides accurate standard colour matching. Windows and doors can be finished in a choice of more than one colour depending on your requirements.

Aluminium frames can also be supplied anodised in silver and bronze.


When considering what type of glass you would like, there are a large number of choices. Your application will in general dictate what glass is most suitable, but when making your decision you will also need to take Building Regulations into consideration as well as your own personal preferences such as security, privacy and thermal efficiency.

We offer a choice of glazing units with window energy rating bandings from ‘A’ to ‘C’ and can advise on achieving U-Values. We can supply sealed units with glass thicknesses ranging from 4mm to 36mm.


An extensive choice of glass is available and includes:

Toughened glass

Patterned glass

Colour stained glass

Anti-vandal glass

Anti-sun and solar control tinted glass

Etched glass with your own design

Film – solar reflective, graphics, coloured, obscured, black out, white out


A commercial automated sliding door can also be supplied with any of the following optional features:


Lock options including:

–  dead latch

–  hook locks

–  solenoid bolts

–  electric release

–  electric strike locks etc

Wide range of automated opening and closing options

Trickle ventilation

Glazed-in vents